Photocredit: Andi Eiring

What does a missionary pastor do on a typical Sunday? This blog is an effort to describe my Sunday today - Sunday, May 29th, 2016.

We had an outdoor baptism scheduled and at 5:30 AM there were severe thunder storms and strikes within 2 miles of our location. Yesterday an official at a youth soccor match was struck by lightning and 30 children were sent to the hospital.

The recent passing of actress Patty Duke led me to want to revisit a movie from my childhood: The miracle worker from 1962. It depicts the impact of the teacher Anne Sullivan on the young deaf and blind Helen Keller. As I watched the movie, where both actresses, Duke and Anne Bancroft, won Academy Awards for their on-screen portrayal I repeatedly thought of the parallels to missional mandate.

Missionary, you are a communicator. There are various platforms for communicating - visuals help immensely, in our generation. If you want to have impact in your photo or video images, you will have to climb the steep learning curve of understanding exposure in your camera. Take heart, it is doable.
The following will get you started on improving your skill set and shoot better images.

Photocredit: Used by permission from Sajicoach

Just one small person - what can I do?

Ever thought that your life is too small and insignificant to matter in the scheme of things? Unless you suffer from some form of dictator/megalomaniac disorder, you too wonder if you really have any influence. Maybe the following video will encourage you.

Photocredit: Keith Gandy

Yes, missionaries are from time to time confronted with foods that are not common to their palatte. This is probably one of the most frequently asked questions in a missionary Q&A session. To allow you to share in some of those experiences, here is a small sampling of culinary presentations I have encountered in my travels.

Be aware! Some of the images are very graphic.  If you are squeamish, be warned in advance.