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Spending time in the hospital has given me time to work on my video workflow. I have done so by recording Grimm brothers fairy tales for my four year old granddaughter, Emily. If you are desiring to include video messages in your communication tool box, there will be a learning curve, and there is no way to become proficient without practice. I would encourage you to make many messages, that are just for learning experience. 

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I'm currently in a German clinic for advanced treatment of a genetic skin condition. In that it is genetic, it can't be healed, but the condition itself can be treated, in order to minimize the effects. I thought that I would provide an overview of cultural differences. 


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Every summer I generally find a little more time to read, which is so refreshing. This is the book that has me captivated at present.

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New communication technology and society shifts will require that the missionary produce compelling and quick videos - often just head shots. This is intended to provide a resource in embracing the learning curve.

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Today it is a video blog ▬ shot on an iPhone 6 at my dining table. I took a fabulous group of 11 from Springield, MO on a week tour of Germany's reformation and other sites, even though I had undergone hand surgery two days earlier (that is why I do not move my left hand in this video; it is still in a cast).

It was kind of like having gone to camp ▬ on a 2900 kilometer road trip. We had a great time together and I observed a few things about my own heart...