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We are emphasizing spiritual disciplines this year in our congregation with the emphasis of maturing believers - moving passive believers to pro-active followers of Christ that commune with him.

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I have had the pleasure to experiment with a couple of exceptional teens from a dynamic youth group in Idaho. I invited them to visit a complete stranger with me where we explored the life of a 91 year old woman and then prayed for her. I was an exceptionally rewarding experience for me.

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The one thing that Jesus said he would make us would not make us wise, not make us dedicated followers, not make us holy, he said he would make us fishers of men.

In our church planting experience evangelism will play a major role. And since Jesus made use of the metaphor of fishing we can extrapolate concepts, principles guidelines for our ministries.

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As a missionary, I am always being asked to articulate my passion to different age categories. Quite a bit of the time with our new technological age, we are requested to send videos. In the desire to keep things fresh and vibrant, I am attempting to tackle the learning curve of animation.