20170717 Wartburg01

Today we will be in the city of Eisenach.

This is the city that has the Bach house, and more importantly the Wartburg.

20170708 Rottenburg

Germany has many great places to visit. One to visit this year is during the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. We're going to take a tour with a group from America to see the different sites so the next few days I will blog about those sites and show pictures as we visit them.

Train Depot

Europe has such a high missionary attrition rate and this has burdened me and a number of mission committee chairmen. I recently found the report from World Evangelical Fellowship that deals with this phenomenan.

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In contemplating vocational cross-cultural ministry service, a few questions will help in assessing the prerequisites a person will need for that service. The following list is certainly not exhaustive, but it will aid in heading the right direction.

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We are emphasizing spiritual disciplines this year in our congregation with the emphasis of maturing believers - moving passive believers to pro-active followers of Christ that commune with him.