Debbie and I vacationed in Tuscany for six days, so I only preached once during the week! What a refreshing time. This is so good for my relationships, because I find that I tend to be too busy, except when apart from all work for a while. Such good memories!

All Photos: Keith Gandy

During a week's vacation in Italy we met and were inspired by some passionate people during our stay - here is a cross-section of those encounters.

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Church graphics have taken a major step forward in that a savvy audience requires well prepared and creative images to drive a message. Learning the software that designs such graphics is a daunting task. Fortunately there are resources available for the entry-level student.

All Photos: Keith Gandy

I went to Auschwitz for the first time this week. I probably was prepared for the trip to an extermination camp simply because I had previously been to concentration and detention camps in Germany where death was dealt out in the most gruesome fashion. The experience was brief and shocking - scenes would be with me during the 12 hour drive home (traffic and stops lengthened the trip - estimated to be 8 hours by my GPS and Google Maps). I share some of my images and thoughts.

Where was this book 35 years ago when I needed it desperately?

This book is a must read for those entering vocational Christian ministry. Pastor, if you are going to be the sending church of a missionary, read this book. If you mentor or coach a person considering missions, read this book. If you are in missions service - even if you are a veteran - read this book.