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I'm currently in a German clinic for advanced treatment of a genetic skin condition. In that it is genetic, it can't be healed, but the condition itself can be treated, in order to minimize the effects. I thought that I would provide an overview of cultural differences. 

This clinic is a modern facility in an older building - actually an old millhouse. 


This clinic - the largest and best in Germany in this specialty, is in what used to be a millhouse. In that real estate is expensive, historical buildings will often be repurposed. The clinic is modern with excellent staff and doctors. 



Breakfast is usually a roll with either marmalade or cheese and a luncheon meat, juice and coffee. Lunch is the big meal of the day and perfect to my palatte - meat and potatoes. The evening meal is simple, usually breads and luncheon meats and salads. 

Those that are mobile walk to this cafeteria, those that are bedridden have their food brought to them. 

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Rooms are always multi-patient, unless a more expensive price is paid. I have found my roommates to be congenial and we have lively discussions. We have laughed together. I have also found brothers-in-Christ, with whom I've prayed and had great fellowship. 

It has taken some personal adjustment in that patients are required to attend treatments in their robe, reducing the times to undress / redress. My american cultural privacy would prefer not to walk through public areas in a robe. 



 I find the beds, bathrooms and toilets modern, clean and comfortable. The windows are doors and fully open, helpful in that airconditioning is not generally available and summer temperatures make sleeping more difficult, if it is too warm.

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All in all I admire the German medical system - well trained, proficient and above all affordable.