Be careful not to sacrifice your future on the altar of immediacy. In this short VLOG, I briefly touch on the pressure to drift from listening to God's direction due to a strong desire to receive or achieve a goal.

A short video encouraging us to wait on the Lord.

A video update of the latest ministry developments. Presently Germany is experiencing cautious lockdown regulations - the infectious upswing has led officials to  implement measures to attempt to protect our region. We are not allowed to meet with all our children at the same time, because only a maximum of 5 people from two households are allowed to meet together. Curfew is at 9 PM. Steep fines of $600 per person are being issued for those not following regulations. And still I am of great hope for the coming year.

Being a missionary planting a church in another culture requires you to be flexible. Nothing has brought more change lately than the Covid-19 pandemic. Church life is completely different and we are having to do things differently. This VLog is just one aspect.

Random thoughts concerning the Covid-19 Coronavirus status in our area. (Multi-tasking at 100 (65 mph) kilometers per hour, driving through a small village at the 2:00 minute mark. Don't miss the half timber homes at the 3:14 mark)

Germany is home. We sense that this adopted land and culture is our destiny and proper place to be. We have been blessed in so many ways to be able to minister in Europe and particularly in Germany.