"Whoever destroys a soul, it is considered as if he destroyed an entire world. And whoever saves a life, it is considered as if he saved an entire world." Sanhedrin 4:1

Photo Credit: Handelsblatt.com

The movie Schindler's list got the quote wrong, but Oscar lived out the concept. Every life matters for every soul has been created in God's own image - giving value to even the 'least of these.'
Are you leveraging your opportunities, talents, prayer life and energy to embrace the concept? Who is on your own "Schindler's List"? And while Oscar Schindler had dishonorable qualities, he did invest his available money in order to influence the decision of life and death. Have you pushed 'all in' to make an eternal impact?
I suggest that there are opportunities that will broaden your horizon.

1. Parties with a purpose.

Jesus spent time with people in an atmosphere that where people were informal and intimacy was allowed. Certain settings prohibit intimate discussions - some have barriers already established. Consider spending time with other intentionally in order that they might observe Jesus in you. Yes, we must break out of our Christian ghettos. Do you purposefully eat with those who have yet to enter a dynamic relationship with Jesus?

2. Technologies yet to be developed.

All too often, the Christian community lives safely in the laggard spectrum on the innovation continuum. We are far too behind in exploring tools for the kingdom. The Bible App YouVersion has broken that mold and has blessed the world with a Guttenberginian development. Just as Guttenburg's movable type put the Scriptures in the hands of every man, woman and child, inventions properly designed and timed will impact our world.

3. Trends we should consider and utilize.

Are we fully aware that we are not living in the same world we grew up in? It has been said to me last week, 'the college student today is being educated to pursue a career that does not exist at the time he/she studies. We must hold on to the crucial matters, the core elements of faith, but in a global world, find trends that can be implemented for the gospel.

4. Ministries with which we can partner.

Who is already leading the charge? Which ministries have shown the ability to get out of their comfort zone - who repeatedly reach cultures and impact people? Possibly your opportunity would be to partner with them. Either financially, or with an internship in order to learn their 'secret sauce.'
I frequently pass the building in Frankfurt where Schindler lived out the remainder of his earthly life. He lost millions, everything he owned. At the same time, he saved 1200 lives.
We must do no less. Just one life, as if we are saving the entire world.