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20170724 Typewriter

Photocredit: Stock Photo

New communication technology and society shifts will require that the missionary produce compelling and quick videos - often just head shots. This is intended to provide a resource in embracing the learning curve.

Missionary, you are a communicator. There are various platforms for communicating - visuals help immensely, in our generation. If you want to have impact in your photo or video images, you will have to climb the steep learning curve of understanding exposure in your camera. Take heart, it is doable.
The following will get you started on improving your skill set and shoot better images.

Photocredit: Flickr - chris165169

Church graphics have taken a major step forward in that a savvy audience requires well prepared and creative images to drive a message. Learning the software that designs such graphics is a daunting task. Fortunately there are resources available for the entry-level student.

Photo Credit: Trey Radcliffe

If you are a communicator, then you know that graphics are one of the resources you use to tell the story. Photography and video need not be a foreign language. You can master basic guidelines for doing your craft well. Pictures still speak a thousand words.

Gone are the days when it was acceptable to tell the congregation: "The exposure of this shot is dark, but in the shadow is a woman who experienced the hand of God. I wish you could see her joy."

A new free and very cool feature for your website has been developed by the friendly folks at Logos, called Reftagger.

It allows you to install some very simple code on your webpage, then it automatically highlights and uses a popup to exhibit your bible verses. A variety of versions are available for your own customization.