Christology is the basis of your church plant. In other words, your theology - biblical or unbiblical, good or bad, will determine your church plant. Let me explain.

The Apostle Paul would deepen Jesus' words - I will build my church. Paul said it this way: We are his body.

Ok. So far, so good. Now, how do you view Jesus?

If your theology views him as being an extension of Israel - ie separate from all nations, to be holy via being disconnected from the world, your church will be shaped by that view. You will tend not to associate with those that are messy. You will find "biblical" reasons for your righteousness to stay away from the hurting and broken of the world, lest you become soiled.

Should your biblical understanding view Jesus as the incarnate Son of God who entered a sinful world to redeem mankind, and that would mean associating closely with sinners - that will also shape your church. You will become the salt of Mt. 5 - and you take your responsibility to enter a broken world very seriously. You will look for ways to express that need.

Biblical theology is huge. Understanding who Jesus really is will make a world of difference in what your church will ultimately become, and shape the impact you will have on your community and culture.

Habits are hard to break, aren't they? That is why we harp on our kids about being careful with those "little" idiosyncracies. That is why we prevent the first smoke, the bad choice, the ugly table manners.

Certain things can wield uncanny power over us. Then once they are chained to us, then breaking them is another story altogether. After quitting for the 20th time, we give up hope. And give up trying.

Take heart, no power - absolutely no power, with the exception of Jesus Christ, remains. The sun will go dark, politicians will be voted out, dethroned or deposed. Even addictions submit.

Watch this video as a reminder.


Meeting with over 20 church-planters in Belgium this week, I am so encouraged by their hearts, their insights and zeal. Expression of a visionĀ  always costs you personally and these men sacrifice.

Our purpose it to gather together in order to strategize, sharpen our skillset and enhance our ability to impact a culture for Christ.

On Wednesday evening we take turns to pray for one another. It is absolutely unbelievable the depth of this holy time together. Wow.

It is absolutely my honor to partner with my good friend, Tim Downs, to pull off an atmosphere that encourages and exposes usĀ to new tools for ministry.

Psalm 95:7 - Today, if you would just hear his voice...

Ok, seriously! Do you know what I have going today? I have these important meetings. Then there is the drive. Oh, yes - gotta run by the office before I get away. And then the friends, who had an emergency and won't be available to help, so I have to pick up those responsibilities. Then there is the issue getting people on one page. Coach 30 guys, play cheerleader to some discouraged souls, learn from some experienced and gifted servants. On four hours of sleep.

That is what my heart tells me. And God gets marginalized. So he pleads with me. Take some time for me. Just get your ear trained to hear what I want to say, today. You can hear me, if we tune your instrument.

You won't speak with me? Too much going on? You've crowded me out? Do you know how the Psalm ends?

You won't go into my rest.

This is not just a threat. God is not saying, I'll show you. It is the natural result of living without the only One that can fill my soul.

Speak, Lord. I just have to hear a fresh word from You, today. Not the word from last Sunday. Today.

Note to self: You simply have to keep learning, because you have not arrived.

Something inside you, called pride, wants to tell you that you know quite a bit. Don't let pride get in your way and prevent you from becoming what God really wants you to become and to hinder what He wants to do in your life.

People that desire the best for you will tell you information that will rub your pride. They do not worship at your throne and that will cause you discomfort. When they have loving, constructive instruction, you will question their motives, their right, their abilities, their upbringing, their manners, their hair color. A voice inside will attempt to get you to discount their instruction.

You will become so focussed on how troubled you have become, that you will run the danger of missing God's still small voice. When you are quick to answer in order to show your competency, you reopen the door for Satan to rear his ugly head.

Say things like: I am a self-made man. Sing songs like: I did it my way. Rely on no one. That'll show 'em.

Yeah, emulate what you see as a character flaw in others, don't look in the mirror too often. But the end will not be good. When the consequences of your own choices follow your every step, you will play the victim card - but no one, not even your own conscience, will believe it.

Your other option: Stay teachable. So, swallow your pride. Listen. Invite others to speak into your life. Be inspired. Take things to heart. Bite your tongue before you reject and say "no". You will be a better man. Remind yourself: You aim to please an audience of One; and you're not the One.