When a light beam is driven through multiple prisms, forcing it to become narrower and sharper, then it becomes so intense that light itself becomes a tool with incredible uses. It becomes a laser.

A church will have to determine what kind of impact that it would like to have. It does not become more effective by adding additional programs and varied outreach efforts. What that does is diffuse the focus. Saying no is never easy, but it is essential, if focus is the goal.

Lately we have been working on just that - what is our heartbeat, along with the felt needs of our community, focussed on the parameters of scripture. Meeting with many people and spending many hours working out the details, we are getting closer to something that describes who we are and what sets us apart from any other church. It is necessary. It is the tool that we use to determine how well we are doing. And we desperately need to analzye that from time to time.

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Reading a book that is well-written is simply a pleasure. Unbroken, from Laura Hillenbrand, is one of those books.

It is the compelling story of Louis Zamperini, an olympic runner in the 1936 Berlin Olympics (along with Jesse Owens), who subsequently becomes a POW in a Japanese prison camp. His harrowing story of ditching a rescue plane at sea, the 47 days adrift in a couple of flimsy life rafts with two other survivors, their ultimate capture, torture and malnutrition will have you longing for the next chapter.

It was on Christmas Eve 2004 that we moved into our new digs - tripling our floor space and giving us a capacity of a few more seats than 300. Things were still rough for that first service - no carpet, three building phases lay in the future.

Time flies. Our stage design team has done well in creating topic driven sets that aid in graphically supporting the message.

Although church gets complex, because people often bring complex issues and consequences with their life choices, the thing that drives me is getting people connected to Jesus. Watching the video footage of people expressing their faith allows me to revisit those highlights.

My son, Robert, has published his first CD: "The Sacred and the Profane". It is a collection of 11 compositions that not only showcase his talent, but speaks to your heart.

His growth over the past couple of years has been delightful to watch. Out of struggle comes incentive and motivation. It will always be a delight to watch your offspring grow and excel - mainly because you simply can't stand to watch them struggle in any way.

It glorifies God when a person rallies to the Word and applies it to their own character. It will always bring a smile the heart of a parent.

Thanks for the CD, Rob.