Photo credit: kaboompics

There have been some interesting developments that allow me to see God's wonderful, magnificent handiwork, so I thought I would share some of those by video.


Download link: video

Technical aspects of shooting this video montage for those that are attempting to break into video reports:

20180313 01Camera: I use a camera that records with facial recognition. Shot in full HD - 1920x1080, f-stop 4.5 (so that there is a sharp fall off in focus behind the eyes. I love the Sony A7Sii as a video camera. Mainly because of image quality, plus the fact that it is low image noise even in low light.

Lighting: I use a DIY 30cm daylight LED Panel. A side benefit is a catchlight in the eyes, which also give a better impression that the eyes are in good focus, which they are.

Like this: LED Panel

Audio: Rode NTG-2 on an overhead stand. Mastered in Sony Sound Forge (Pro) Version 11.0 to -6dB. With a compressor (3:1) / limiter applied.

When shooting update video reports, think in this order:

1. Audio.

2. Lighting.

3. Video.

It must be heard, to be understood; seen, in order to be felt. Do everyone a favor, get it right.