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A 60 second update from Germany



On December 5th we held the official installation service for our new pastor – a part of the process of turning the church over completely to national leadership. This is a huge occasion for joy as this is a full-time salaried position for this church.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to those that have carried the burden for so long to see this goal reached. To see this church reach a place of maturity with a bright future is truly a dream come true – partnership for the great commission works!


Recently I have been recording a 12-part lecture series on Christology. I desired to make Christ name known – He is the head of the church, we are his body reflecting his heart to a broken world. Getting his image wrong will have devastating consequences in hearts of people longing to know the real saviour.

In communication with a pastor in a difficult place – those classroom messages are now being played via YouTube in Pakistan (and the Philippines have asked permission to use them in an online college as well). How fantastic is it to be able to impact people and cultures beyond our own locality. The Gospel of Christ is truly a power for redemption.


Prayer Points

Praise: God has provided national Leadership for this church plant.
Prayer: Transition of the church body to new the new lead pastor's leadership.

Thank you for partnering with us!

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For a full-length report, access the Acrobat Reader Prayer letter. The letter explains things a little more in-depth: December 2021


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