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People matter to God: That is why they should matter to us

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  • I got involved with a certain element of people in my young twenties who influenced me to deal in drugs. It ended in me losing my marriage - twice - then being arrested and placed in an UK prison. It was in that despair that I began to cry out to God.
    I became convinced I would die one evening, not due to outward influence, but just an inner realization I could go on no longer in this manner. I cried out to Jesus in my pain. The next morning I had a joy, like never before and I began reading the bible like never before. Even the mafia members in prison noticed the change.
    Jesus is real to me and I want to serve him.
  • When I was 12 years old I was abducted and raped multiple times. It would ultimately require surgery to repair the damage done and the result is I will never bear children.
    The psychological trauma required years of therapy. It was not until I found a real relationship with Jesus Christ that I found what I really wanted. He also gave me peace.
  • After finishing the labor intensive task of repairing the nets, we are now ready to head out for our job of fishing in the Adriatic.
  • The story is simple... the beautiful simplicity of a boy and his dog... summer and a run in the park.
  • I was 21 when my father died, who was only 46 years old. The trauma from that escalated a psoriasis skin condition and arthritis. Now I am in a wheelchair as a side effect. I take medications for the condition and frequently visit this special skin clinic.
    Since my mother also had extreme grief following dad's untimely death, I bought her a home to live in to provide for her welfare. She is not always easy, but it is the right thing to do.
    My favorite past time, other than being with my family, is to ride my Harley-Davidson motorcycle.
  • In the year 2000 I had a stroke became an invalid for two years at 43 years of age. It resulted that my wife considered me to be a complete loser and ended our relationship.
    That I found a new woman that would love me and we married I have three children, she had two children. And now having a relationship with her older teenage son has proven to be a challenge because there's still some animosity he has towards me.
    It has cost me many tears but I'll not give up, he's worth the investment. What makes the difference is that Jesus loved me the way he found me.
  • Even though I am a refugee that fled Syria for safety, I love life, study medicine iin the University. I love to laugh, life is beautiful.
  • It was a sad day for me when we had to flee our country of Syria; war destroyed my beautiful homeland. My greatest day, was the day I was accepted to study pharmaceuticals in the University in Halle.
  • I love to dance for strangers so I spend a couple hours in the evening making my moves for passers-by.
  • I am a teenager and I played with henna painting with my mentor. I intend to stay out of trouble, which is not always easy.
  • She says: I was told, I cannot conceive. Within a few minutes of signing adoption papers, I was offered another baby. A number of years later I was able to conceive and now have a little girl in addition to the older sister and brother.
    I have found that I do not have any less love in my heart between all the children, biological or adoptive.
  • When I was born, I weighed less than 2 lbs. and stayed in intensive care for a long time. My parents did not know if I would survive or have long term health issues.
    I have graduated from college, married and now have my own child. I have been blessed.
  • I am a historical archeologist working at a site to protect and understand ancient history.
  • I am a poor fisherman mending my nets.
  • Thank you for the wedding photos.
    We hope that you will someday return and be a guest in our home.
  • Today is my wedding day and it was special in every way. To make it more memorable we have come with friends to the ruins of the ancient city of Laodicea.
  • My father owns and runs this establishment. I wish you wouldn't take my photo.
    [PM]She had a delightful, magnetic personality and could laugh which was inspiring - not the least shy.
    (London, England)
  • My father fought in World War I and my mother was a maid, I believe. They were very distant because of all they experienced which influenced me greatly. I believe that is the reason that I am relationally distant to others.
    I was married but divorced after 25 years and we had no children. I now live alone - and I am fine with that.
    (London, England)
  • I am still in high school and carry a 4.5 grade point average while taking college level courses. My goal is to study medicine and become a surgeon.
    Believe it or not, I have never once disagreed with my parents.
  • I am looking back on my 91 years and would definitely say the most difficult thing I have ever done is raise my four daughters.
    One more thing, my granddaughter had a kidney transplant two weeks ago. It is nothing short of amazing to see how God protected her.
  • Fashion find.
    Five days ago I colored my hair to my favorite color - a mixture of pink and purple. My friends like the bold color.
  • My happiest day was my wedding day - 15 years ago now. In the meantime we have two beautiful daughters. My husband and I carve out time to spend with youth so that they have a safe place with safe people.
  • I just love to interact with strangers and brighten their day with music.
    (Lil' Havana, USA)
  • I have had some health challenges, but I still love to play dominoes with the guys
    (Lil' Havana, USA)
  • Today we were married! You will take my photo with my husband?
  • I never went to school, because my father felt I was too rambunctious. My father bought me and made me run my own business when I was 12 years old.
    I have now opened my own store here in Malta and plan to franchise it into an international chain - the first store will be in London.
  • My husband and I work hard and enjoy traveling together for adventure and relaxation. We travel to exotic countries and backpack across the country to get a feel for the culture.
    This year we are still undecided about our bigger trip, but most likely it will be to South Africa or at least deep into Africa somewhere.
  • At 23 years of age I met someone who explained to me that Jesus would forgive and reunite me with the heavenly father. I found freedom and my life was changed.
    I am passionate about securing, restoring and showing fantastic art pieces from houses, churches and other architecture that are destined to be demolished.
    [pm] He showed us fabulous ceramic tile scenes taken from century old buildings, church clocks, furniture and church relics - much like a museum would exhibit.
  • My saddest day was the day my father passed away. That is why days like today spent with my mother and a friend are so special to me.
  • Three weeks ago I requested a pastor I had just met to pray for me and a conversation I desired to have with my father, who does not have long left according to doctors.
    I desired for clarity and opportunity to speak with him about my joy and Jesus and preparing for eternity. My father was coherent and receptive to our conversion. He then prayed, asked forgiveness and placed his trust for righteousness in Jesus.
    It is the best Christmas ever.
  • I am an old widow. My husband, who was the chief of police. In 1994, following the revolution after the collapse of the control by the Soviet Union, Lithuanian nationals had suspicions that my husband was a KGB agent - he was not. One day he was abducted and murdered.
    My son began to track down the perpetrators and went to the police with his findings. Nothing was done, but within days he was found dead - he had been poisoned.
  • My happiest days ever were when my four children were born. It should have been my wedding day, but that day brings painful memories - we had children together, but no love.
    One day when my husband went to work, he locked me in the house with our six month old child. I was trapped and new then that I had to protect our children before something terrible happened, so I left him. Our marriage failed.
  • I am a refugee from Pakistan. I used to be a teacher and my husband was a doctor. Now we have used all we owned to be able to get to Europe, so we are poor, but safe.
  • I am 96 years old - I do as I am told by my doctor, I walk an hour a day. Being outside engaging strangers is a joy.
    [pm] Will you allow me to give you a kiss on the cheek?
    You can kiss me anywhere you want to...
    [pm] She smelled great.
  • In one month I will finish my studies for the catholic ministry and that at 70 years old. This is my antique and second hand business, but I prefer spending my time in my local garden (which he preceeded to show me).
  • One year ago I was diagnosed with advanced cancer. Surgery was performed and I ended up in ICU twice - multiple organs were removed and I was close to death.
    It was at my darkest point that I sensed God loved me the most.
    It was if I knew that I was on a turbulent flight, but I also had the overwhelming sense, I can trust the pilot to bring me to my destination safely.
  • I fought in the war and witnessed the destruction of Aschaffenburg. Following the war I immigrated to the USA and worked as an engineer. In 1958 I became a naturalized citizen. My wife became homesick for Germany and after 15 years of living in the USA, we came back to Germany.
    In my lifetime of 87 years, so far, the best improvement or invention I have witnessed is improved electronic communication. Years ago, I had to be put on an all-day waiting list in order to be connected by an operator with my family in Germany by phone. It would always be at 2-3 AM their time and they hated me for calling them in the middle of the night.
  • I am a falconer. Along with my husband we have been breeding, raising and training these beautiful birds for decades.
    One of my joys is to show young people the beauty and grace of these wonderful animals.
  • In an interesting lunch table conversation...
    [PM] I think one of the greatest achievements of mankind in my lifetime was the landing on the moon.
    Do you really think that happened? Wasn't that just made up? Think about it - if it was true, wouldn't the Russians have duplicated it?
    [PM] Little did he know that my engineer uncle worked on the moon rover for the moon landing missions. But it was interesting to meet someone in real life that actually believes the moon mission was faked.
  • As an Aghani female I was not allowed to attend school, so now as an adult, I can neither read nor write.
    With my husband and children, we made our way to Germany, where I was introduced to Jesus for the first time. It was the love Christians showed that changed my husband's heart. With time I also have become a follower of Jesus.
    This summer I will be baptized in his name and testify of how he changed my life. Had we never come to Germany, I would never have heard about Jesus.
  • I am a young boy and today I can play outside with my friend here in our fishing village.
  • I am 22 years old from Athens. Last week my boyfriend and I broke up - too much drama.
    The best advice my mother ever gave me was, "Be careful, and pick the right man for a partner." This last week those words gave me comfort and guidance. I have a good and wise mother.
  • I am 81 years old and I live in the home I inherited from my mother - her family acquired it in the year 1900, according to the documents I have been given.
    I worked for GE in Boston designing advanced battery systems for the Apollo space flights, but returned to Santorini, Greece to retire. My wife had surgery and remains in Athens, because she cannot travel.
    Call me Uncle Chris and please feel free to come stay in my home anytime.
  • We are here on vacation from Brazil. Yes, we have been dating for four years. I have not asked her to marry me, yet. Soon. He laughs.
  • I sit outside and watch my son play, which brings me much joy.
    You want to take my portrait, when we are standing around so many ancient wonders here in Athens?
    (PM) Yes, because people bring me even more delight. (Greece)
  • I am 13 years old and desire to show my faith in Christ by following in believer's baptism in two weeks. It is my desire to become a car mechanic when I graduate high school.
  • I am a Sinti and part of this clan by marriage. I speak 3 languages: German, English and Roma. This is my baby, we named her 'lovely'.
    We stay in one location about 10 days and we leave tomorrow.
  • I came to Germany 20 years ago from Russia - I fought against Germany in World War II.
    I have 11 great grandchildren and now that I am old and forgetful, it is too many to remember their names.
  • My daughter married an US soldier and has moved to Texas with the grandchildren. We speak by phone each week.
    This summer we are going to visit them which is no small financial undertaking - buying three international flights in high season. It will be worth it to see the family again.
  • I was widowed at 21 years of age. Since my childhood I have always wanted to make a difference.
    This fall I will board a ship with Operation Mobilization for two years in order to touch the lives of underprivileged with the same love of God that carried and comforted me during the dark days following my husband's death.
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