On Saturday, November 8th, I had not been feeling well for four days. I asked Debbie if she wanted me to have my appendix checked out at the emergency room.

"Yes, it's better than bursting in the night."

So off we went. 

 After preliminary checks, the decision was made to operate. So, at 11:10 P.M. I was injected with Propofol and dropped promptly to sleep. 

On Sunday doctors informed me that the appendix was healthy, but the large intestine had attached itself to the stomach cavity and they wanted to know why. 

In the four days since then I have gone through a battery of tests. The only thing I know do far: no tumors and no polyps.

I have completed one book and will finish another after about an hour of reading.

Here is what I take away from this stay so far - I can trust Him all the time. I don't necessarily have to like the circumstances, but I embrace the hand of the One who controls life's circumstances. And that is good enough for me.

Calm peace for the soul in a turbulent storm.

And getting the pleasure of praying for Andreas, a roommate who doesn't know Christ (raised as an atheist in a East Germany) is God's sovereign hand in action. 

I am also so thankful for great medical care - it will be a matter of days and we will know where we stand- an endoscope, a CT scan, and a full scoping of the stomach tract. No, Debbie will not have to sell a kidney to finance the tests. It is covered in our German medical insurance. I am so thankful. 


0 # Judy 2014-11-12 22:35
God is good and so in charge. Praying for your comfort and wisdom for the doctors. Oh yes, for complete healing. Love you, Mom~
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0 # Chris 2014-11-13 00:22
Keith, Glenwood is standing with you and Deb in prayer! Thanks for keeping us informed.
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0 # Debbie West 2014-11-13 02:08
Wow Cuz, will be praying for you. I have been going through a medical scare myself and trusting the Lord is the only way. He will NEVER let us down!!!!
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0 # Marian 2014-11-13 06:20
Dear Keith,

we are praying for you!! Also we are praying for wisdom for the doctors and peace for your and Debbies soul.
We love you!! Thank you for everything!!!

Marian & Maria with the kids...
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0 # Linda 2014-11-13 19:57
Keith, I'm glad there wasn't anything wrong with the appendix. Praying the doctors find out and correct the problem.
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