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Passion for church planting

At 17 years of age, I knew that I desired to plant churches in Europe. Some 40 years have passed and that is still my greatest joy.

Many different skill-sets are required to reach out and adopt another culture - a few of which are flexibility, humor and a never-give-up attitude.

Within these pages you will find some of our stories, see some of the sites that we enjoy as we travel to encourage those in the task of planting churches in Europe, plus visit those that our church has sent out around the world. May you also be inspired to be passionate about serving Jesus and others.

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Seven weeks earlier than planned, our first grandson, Ben, was born to our son-in-law and daughter, Christof and Lisa. Doctors were not alarmed, babies are born premature regularly.

Our joy would soon turn to sorrow as dedicated doctors and nurses worked frantically on a baby who struggled to breathe. After hours of attention from specialists, it was concluded that we would only have Ben for hours or possibly days.

12 hours after entering this world, and without ever having experienced a tear, Ben went to be with our Lord. Our sorrow has been intense, and yet Jesus has been so near. We have found great comfort in the closeness of the church body.


With a vision of someday cracking the code of mass evangelism in Europe, a small, yet dedicated band of workers in our church has planned an evangelistic outreach for teens and young adults.

What a thrill to experience the hand of God in a fresh way: 18 made a public profession of faith, 5 seek more information and 5 desire discipleship.

We feel as if a door is beginning to open for an even larger movement based on this experience.

Would you consider assisting us in another outreach event at the end of this year? We need someone to champion the costs of a venue for $1200, plus someone to assist in costs of recruiting - $1500. Those are two of the initial cornerstones necessary in order to proceed.

For a full-length report, access the Acrobat Reader Prayer letter. The letter explains things a little more in-depth.